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Eisteddfods are a place filled with excitement, energy and entertainment. Somewhere performers can perfect their skills and perform their dances. A venue filled with dancers oozing nervousness and passion, baring their soul on the stage and celebrating the performing arts. At LAUNCH PAC, we know eisteddfods are a wonderful experience with the right guidance and attitude. This is the LAUNCH PAC guide to Eisteddfods.

Teamwork is a main focus for our performance teams. Working together towards the same overriding objective; to become the best performers they can be. Our students are encouraged to work as strong and valued individuals to achieve self-development and team growth. They celebrate our teammates’ successes and support their teammates through challenges. We witness our teams develop incredible bonds throughout every dance year.

Dedication and commitment are things that our performance team students are required to display consistently. These are important traits for performers as well as contributing members of society. Teaching our students to be dedicated and committed to their team and their development allows social, emotional and physical growth to accelerate. We also foster loyalty in our students so they can understand it’s importance. The LAUNCH teachers give everything they have to our students and we, of course, expect the same in return.

Every member of our team is as valuable as the next. Our students all have different abilities, strengths and weaknesses and that is what makes them unique and significant. It is also important that our students recognise that their value is high; this allows them to completely open up to their learning and build self-confidence.

Good sportsmanship is something we promote within our dance family. Our students are taught to support all other dancers they meet at dance eisteddfods. All dancers in our community are on a similar journey to our LAUNCH students and we all deserve to be appreciated and encouraged. They congratulate their competitors and compliment them if we are given the opportunity. Negative talk and bad sportsmanship is discouraged at LAUNCH, as well as negative self-talk. The dance world is smaller than you might think and you may be lucky enough to work alongside or for your eisteddfod competitors one day.

Learning how to deal with disappointment is such an important skill to be successful in a dance career and life in general. At LAUNCH we teach ours students to manage their expectations by focusing on simply performing well in comparison to the last time they performed and enjoying themselves. We teach them that disappointment will occur and when is does you must acknowledge it, understand it and then learn from it. Being able to turn disappointment into a vehicle of learning, improving and positivity is powerful.

Most importantly, winning is not our focus! We certainly enjoy winning and believe dancers should be rewarded for hard work and technique, but our focus is for our students to dance their best as a team and represent LAUNCH and themselves well. This means their ‘performance’ both on and off stage; physical performance, behaviour and presentation, amoung other things.

With the right attitude, dance eisteddfods can be a breeding ground for passion, learning, friendships and successes. We know that we have the right attitude at LAUNCH PAC and can provide the best eisteddfod experience for our students.

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