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What our clients say

From beginners to aspiring professionals, we’ve helped over 1000 students to express themselves through dance.


What a year! You don’t just teach – you inspire and empower your dancers to achieve great things. Cannot thank you enough! It has been a joy to watch the transformation.

Carol Halton


My daughter has been attending Launch for three consecutive years!! She loves being part of the Launch Team! She has developed in leaps & bounds with dance technique, control & discipline. The teachers are friendly yet professional. Concerts are always such a pleasure to attend as it showcases all the students hard work!! Proud to be LAUNCH!!

Jazmine Reeni Khan


Launch performing arts company, offers a variety of both recreational and performance classes from age 3 and up. The staff are amazing and so welcoming. My daughter loves coming each week.

Justine Letchford


WOW! Blown away by how much my daughter loved her trial this morning for RSD and RSD ballet! She had so much fun and hasn’t stopped talking about it! She is 3 1/2 and I was a little worried she wouldn’t want me to leave her or that she wouldn’t last the hour and a half but she was in a world of her own. She didn’t want it to end! Thank you launch we look forward to many fun times ahead.

Mimi Miriam Hunter


A fabulous dance school. I continue to be impressed by the professionalism, accessibility and friendliness of the teachers and staff. My daughters excitement for every class and all the teachers is a reflection of an absolutely wonderful and positive environment she is provided to learn. The students and staff have been so welcoming, only at Launch PAC for a term, she has found the most amazing new dance family.

Casandra Smith


Our daughter has been with the Launch family since she was 4 years old. It has given her so much confidence, the team are super kind & their annual concert is always amazing.

Renee Simon Dillon


Thank you so much for the amazing end of year performance tonight! Such a friendly + fun place for our kids to dance + such a professional team with outstanding choreography + detail! Inspired by what you do, the variety of dance styles you offer + the brilliant team you have on board not only in admin but your super star instructor team! Highly recommend LAUNCH Pac.

Simone Kelly


100% professionally run studio with an amazing team of staff. Very accommodating and nurturing particularly to the younger dancers. The Ready Set Dance program is brilliant for little dancers and I highly recommend enrolling your pre-school aged kids. Excellent communication and friendly ‘nothing is ever a problem’ attitude. Thank you Launch, we look forward to many years of dancing with you.

Lisa Azzopardi


Dear Launch PAC Team, I cannot thank the team at Launch Performing Arts Centre enough for the wonderful the work they do. While many people think of dancing as kids having fun moving around to music, I have found that it is so much more than this. Since starting at Launch PAC at the beginning of last year, not only have I noticed a great improvement my daughter’s strength, flexibility, stamina, coordination, balance and strength; I have noticed a huge improvement in her confidence, self-esteem, socialisation skills and concentration. Launch PAC you teach so much more than the physical aspects of dance, you are teaching her how to work individually and as a team member, to be supportive of others and respectful, to be disciplined, to try ‘her’ best whatever that standard may be, to set goals, and be proud of her accomplishments. In addition, Launch PAC you provide such a supportive and friendly environment for the students’ growth in so many ways and the teachers are the best I have come across. As my daughter started formal schooling this year, I was concerned about how much after school dance was too much, as it might be affect her fatigue for school and learning. However, I have found these concerns irrelevant as she is doing really well in her both her schooling and dance classes. In addition, her quality of sleep and overall mood has also positively improved. In fact, towards the end of term 1 she wanted to pick up an extra dance class, and whilst I was hesitant, I thought there was no harm in giving it a go and I could just monitor her fatigue levels. To my surprise, her school teacher recently commented on how something in my daughter has just ‘clicked’ and she has significantly improved in class with her learning and concentration. This improvement changed right at the time she commenced this extra class. Coincidence perhaps, but the mental, emotional, as well as the physical benefits of dance have definitely been witnessed over the past year and half in our case. Michelle, you truly have created a wonderful dance studio which builds the students social, emotional and physical characters so much. The opportunities you offer our children is fantastic and you have really instilled the positive, friendly and supportive culture in your studio. Roxie, you teach so many of my daughter’s classes and I cannot thank you enough for the positive influence you have had on her. You bring out the best in her in all ways and have taught her how important it is to always try ‘her’ best.  Her improvement in the past couple of months in particular has been amazing! So thank you to all the team at Launch PAC for making such a positive influence in our lives.

Erica Fawcett


I have two young daughters attending Launch (one in a performance group) and am genuinely pleased with this dance studio. The teachers are all very experienced in their fields and provide exceptional coaching for the children in a nurturing and inspiring environment. My children love attending all their classes and have made close friendships. The overall experience we have had at Launch is professionalism, a focus on technique, encouragement and great sportsmanship. Thankyou, we are really thrilled to have relocated dance schools to Launch.

Amanda Raymont


LAUNCH has provided my young daughters with great training in a nurturing environment and I have seen their confidence and skills grow immensely. Michelle and the Team at LAUNCH provide an amazing service to the industry and I would highly recommend them as Performing Arts School.

Jessica Parente