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The love of dance has conquered COVID-19 at LAUNCH Performing Arts Centre on the Gold Coast. While restrictions escalate across the country and around the world, there are a growing number of young people with a passion for dance but no classes to attend, so LAUNCH Performing Arts Centre is offering their classes LIVE online for their students and all for free!

World-renowned performers from screen and stage, including the LAUNCH’s owner Michelle Hopper, from Moulin Rouge, Singing In The Rain and Happy Feet fame, will live stream classes to students – who will attend virtually from the comfort of their living rooms.

“We know this is a challenging time for everyone with a dancer in the family, so we want to ensure that nobody misses out.” Said Michelle.

“While we plan to find a way to make up classes for our students later in the year, I have dozens of staff that rely on LAUNCH so we needed to find a way to keep going!”

From 23-March-2020, all of LAUNCH Performing Arts Centre afterschool classes will have a ‘virtual’ dance timetable that will adapt to the ongoing changes, including school closures and the possibilities of lock-downs or mandated isolation periods.

Michelle notes that “we don’t know what to expect so we need to be ready to adapt and support our growing dance family, the local community and beyond.

“We want to help in providing some normalcy and routine for our kids and their parents in this unprecedented time, where moving to online will allow out dancers to continue doing what they love and connecting with their friends on a daily basis.

“By providing our virtual classes in real time, students can dance, laugh and have fun together, helping to keep them both physically and socially active.”

With age groups ranging from 6/unders through pre-professional young adults – dancers of all ages and abilities can find the right class at log-in, set-up and move with support, feedback and instruction from the world-class performers at LAUNCH.

Visit our facebook page and instagram account more videos of online classes.



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