Over the weekend, LAUNCH Cert III and Senior students presented to a sold out event for the 2017 Dinner and Show production of “Applause”, a Lady Gaga tribute show. LAUNCH teacher, Caylee Francis sat down with some our Cert III students before the show to chat about the process and their experiences leading up to the show. The cast were definitely pumped and raring to go..

Caylee: What has been your favourite part of the rehearsal process?

Ryley: Working with the amazing choreographers of the show and experiencing the process of gigs in the professional industry.
Ashleigh: Seeing the improvement in the dances in such a small amount of time.
Elle: Improving my ability to switch between styles quickly.
Holly: Getting to absorb different choreography from different choreographers and industry professionals.
Emily: Trying new things.
Elle: Learning to work in stilettos comfortably for long periods of time.
Ryley: Ooh yeah!
Ashleigh: Mmm hmm!
Elle: I feel it’s preparing us for the real world.

Caylee: How does it make you feel knowing one of your assessments doubles as a performance structured like a professional gig experience?

Ryley: It makes the assessment seem more exciting.
Ashleigh: It gives you a better experience, an actual performance in front of a paying audience, instead of just in a classroom with an assessor.
Elle: It makes the assessment more fun and engaging and more beneficial as a Certificate III student.
Holly: It makes the assessment more enjoyable and the pressure lesson in a good way, so that we can engage with the audience and perform to our best ability.

Caylee: What are you most excited about?

Elle: Showing our parents, friends and teachers what we have been working on and how much we have improved since the last time they have seen us perform.
Ryley: Showing everyone that we have really stepped up further this year.
Holly: I am excited to be backstage by ourselves. Becoming a more independent and competent performer.

Caylee: For those who participated in the Dinner & Show last year, how do you feel you benefited as a performer?

Elle: We learnt how to work under pressure and perform to the industry standard with less preparation than we would have for a regular dance concert.
Emily: I feel like I have become more confident from learning to engage with an audience on stage, on the catwalk and performing through the audience.
Elle: Yeah, and interact and connect.

Caylee: Who has been the choreographer you have learnt the most from?

Emma: Kate is inspiring in the way that she dances, choreographs and teaches. I really look up to her!
Stephen: Simon is a strong and successful male performer and choreographer in the professional dance industry. The way he explains his choreography and feedback in such a relatable way, allows me to accelerate my learning.
Elle: Michelle has been a long time positive influence in my dance education and has continued to inspire me throughout this rehearsal process. She has completely changed the way I dance. She brings out my confidence and unique qualities whilst strengthening my ability to work within a team environment. I find that we have all picked up things from her style that will help us be more employable dancers.
Holly: I would say Sam because his style has really challenged us and he has shared his extensive knowledge of contemporary dance with us. Sam’s piece is a really special moment in the show and it has been fun to do something different. He has helped me become better at using my technique whilst dancing and I understand that sometimes, less is more.
Ryley: Kate because she is a key choreographer in the professional dance industry and having her choreograph a piece for the show gives us a very real sense of the work and expectations for employed dancers right now. I love that she teaches us so much from her own experience in the industry.
Brittany: Troy is such a high energy and motivating choreographer. He inspires me to improve my performance skills and work ethic to prepare me for the industry. My stage presence has been developed throughout this process, to a much higher level.

Caylee: How are you feeling with one day to go?

Ashleigh: Ready!
Brittany: Really excited.

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