Recently I sat down with three of our beautiful LAUNCH 10/u Performance Team students to ask them some questions. These girl attend upwards of 10 classes a week and as a part of the Performance team, compete in eisteddfods. All three girls spoke with such passion and love for dance, I was very inspired by our short conversation. LAUNCH is such a special dance studio and Gaia, Claudia and Makenzie’s answers definitely explain why.

Caylee: Which class is your favourite and why?
Gaia: Hip Hop, Jazz and Acro because I learn lots of new things every week.
Claudia: Contemporary is my favourite because it is really fun. I started it last year and it’s very different to everything else that I learn and I love doing slow dancing.
Makenzie: My favourite is Acro because you get to flip and move.

Caylee: How long have you been apart of the LAUNCH PAC family?
Gaia: 2 or 3 years.
Claudia: 2 or 3 years as well.
Makenzie: I started at the start of last year.

Caylee: How does dancing make you feel?
Gaia: It makes me feel happy and really good.
Claudia: It makes me feel happy because I can be myself and can get in my own space. I pretend I’m in my own world and feel happy.
Makenzie: The opposite to bored.

Caylee: What skill are you really proud of?
Gaia: My side aerial.
Claudia: Doing my illusions and attitude leaps.
Makenzie: My round off back handsprings.

Caylee: What new skill are you working hard on right now?
Gaia: Stretch and technique to become a better dancer and be able to do more things.
Claudia: Acro because I really really really want to improve on coming up from my bridges and I try really hard.
Makenzie: Acro because I don’t have a bendy back want to make that better.

Caylee: Why do you love LAUNCH PAC?
Gaia: All the people here are so nice. It is such a nice and really fun place to be.
Claudia: I love LAUNCH because it is such a good environment and really friendly. I like that there is people here that love to dance as much as I do.
Makenzie: There is nowhere else like LAUNCH. I love it.

Caylee: Who is a dancer/performer you look up to?
Gaia: Karin, Britt and Miss Michelle.
Claudia: I look up to Britt.
Makenzie: My sister (Sam).

Caylee: What would you tell your LAUNCH PAC friends to help them be the best students/performers they can be?
Gaia: To work hard and don’t just be slack.
Claudia: To have good confidence in yourself, be as strong as you can be. Believe in yourself.
Makenzie: To practice and don’t be lazy.
Gaia: And don’t give up, because if you give up you’ll never get anything.

Caylee: What do you want to be when you grow up?
Gaia: A dancer!
Claudia: A stage performer!
Makenzie: An Acro teacher!

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