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LAUNCH Teacher Caylee Francis recently sat down with two of our Performance Team students, sisters, Charlie and Georgi to find out a little more about their lives as part of the LAUNCH PAC family.

Charlie has just turned 10 years old and Georgi has just turned 7 years old. These girls have kind hearts, and are supportive friends and extremely hard working performers.

Caylee: What LAUNCH PAC classes do you attend this year?

Georgi: Pre-Junior Contemporary, Grade 2 RAD Ballet, 8/u Performance Jazz, Pre-Junior Jazz, Pre-Junior Tap, Pre-Junior Hip Hop, Level 2 & 3 Acrobatics.
Charlie: Grade 3 RAD Ballet, Junior Contemporary, Junior Musical Theatre, 10/u Performance Lyrical, 10/u-12/u Performance Stretch & Technique, 10/u Performance Tap, 10/u Performance Jazz, 10/u Performance Hip Hop, Level 3 & 4 Acrobatics.

Caylee: Which class is your favourite and why?

Georgi: Acrobatics because I like to do backwards walkovers and frontwards walkovers, it’s fun. I like to stretch and lots of things that help you.
Charlie: I like all of my classes because I learn all different things. I always try really hard to remember all my dances every week.

Caylee: How long have you been apart of the LAUNCH PAC family?

Georgi: I’ve been here for 1 and a half years.
Charlie: 2 and a half years.

Caylee: How does dancing/acting/singing make you feel?

Georgi: It makes me feel good and confident that I can do it on stage and perform and it makes me happy.
Charlie: It makes me feel happy and good inside because I can do different things that I didn’t think I could have done.

Caylee: What skill are you really proud of?

Georgi: I’m proud that I can do a backwards walkover because it’s really hard for my age. It is something that the older kids can do it. It’s really fun to do.
Charlie: I’m happy that I could get into the performance group classes. I am not very good at my right turning attitude leap and I got it at the eisteddfod.

Caylee: What new skill are you working hard on right now?

Georgi: A front walkover because sometimes I can’t get up. I try to use my core strength because sometimes I wobble and can’t get up. It’s hard so I’ll keep practicing.
Charlie: My right splits because I can’t do it yet but I always keep trying.

Caylee: Why do you love LAUNCH PAC?

Georgi: Because it’s creative and good to learn here. I get challenged more at LAUNCH than I ever have before. I get to do hard stuff and I like putting lots of effort into my work.
Charlie: All the teachers are really friendly and encouraging. They encourage everybody to do well and try your hardest. I also love LAUNCH because I have so many beautiful friends here.

Caylee: Who is a dancer/performer you look up to?

Georgi: I look up to Miss Brittany because I want to be just like her when I grow up and be really good at ballet so I can be work on all my styles to be so good. It’s a good experience when you look up to her, I really like it.
Charlie: Miss Karin, because she is so good at every style of dance and she works really hard. She never gives up and if she makes mistakes, she doesn’t let it distract her she just keeps going and improves for next time.

Caylee: What would you tell your LAUNCH PAC friends to help them be the best students/performers they can be?

Georgi: I would tell them, “You can do this, always try your best and never give up! I am happy for you to be yourself and enjoy dancing.”
Charlie: “Try your hardest, believe in yourself and no matter what, I’ll always be your friend.”

Caylee: What do you want to be when you grow up?

Georgi: A dancer, a fashion designer and a make-up artist.
Charlie: I want to be the best that I can be.

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