Each month we feature a special story on a student within our LAUNCH family and this month we sat down with LAUNCH senior Brittany Walsh.

1. What LAUNCH PAC classes do you attend this year?

I do majority of the senior classes: Stretch and Tech, Broadway Jazz, Senior Ballet, Tap, Commercial Jazz, Hip Hop, Musical Theatre, Opens Performance Jazz, Contemporary, Opens Performance Lyrical and I also do the Cert III part time classes on Fridays.

2. Which class is your favourite and why?

My favourite class at the moment is a contemporary during the Cert III in Dance on a Friday with Samuel Dominic. I’m really enjoying exploring a different style of contemporary to what i’m used to. I love being put out of my comfort zone and experimenting with new movement. Also Sam is an incredible teacher, but not only is he just an incredible teacher he is also a very inspirational dancer and I feel I’ve learnt an extensive amount in such a short period of time.

3. How long have you been apart of the LAUNCH PAC family?

I’ve been apart of the LAUNCH family since the end of term 2 2014, almost 4 years.

4. How does dancing/acting/singing make you feel whilst learning in the studio?

When I’m dancing in the studio, I feel very comfortable and confident within my self. The studio is the place where we can make mistakes and learn from them and I love how it is a very safe environment where everybody is encouraging and supportive. Having supportive peers definitely makes a difference to how you feel in class because it is what creates the vibe and if there is a positive vibe between us students then there is nothing stopping us from learning and improving and I feel, that this is the environment that LAUNCH provides.

5. How does dancing/acting/singing make you feel when performing on stage?

When I’m dancing on stage, it is a very different feeling to being in the studio. Where in the studio it’s safe and where I feel most comfortable but whilst on stage there is a kind of vulnerability that makes me feel a different kind of love for what I do. I love the feeling of performing in front of people with a job to make them feel something. I love having the power to make an audience feel and understand a story.

6. Identify 3 skills you are proud of.

  1. My ability to pick up choreography quickly
  2. Versatility
  3. My ability to isolate genuine emotions and apply them to choreography

7. Identify 3 skills you would like to improve.

  1. My choreographic skills
  2. My teaching ability
  3. My overall dance ability to become a cleaner, more precise dancer

8. Who inspires you as a performer?

The people that inspire me as a performer would be, choreographically…Travis wall and Molly Long and overall choreographically, ability and knowledge wise would of course be the amazing Michelle Hopper-Doyle.

9. Do you intend on pursuing the performing arts as a career path?If YES, Name some of your career goals?

ABSOLUTELY I DO, there is no question. I knew I wanted a career in this industry since the age of 10. Some of my goals would be to be a lead dancer at the Moulin rouge, perform along side an artist, be recognised for my performing and also to inspire younger dancers and performers to want a career in the industry as well.

10. Name one of the most important life lessons you have learnt at LAUNCH PAC?

One of the most important lessons I’ve learnt whilst being a student and teacher at LAUNCH would be to stay passionate and to be patient and determined to get where I want to be.

11. Student Tip – What advice would you give the younger students at LAUNCH PAC?

Some advice that I’d give to the younger students of LAUNCH would be keep doing Ballet and to always give 100% in every class because you may not see the improvement now but in the long run you will surprise your self how far you will go.

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