Online Dance Classes

Don’t Let the COVID-19 Pandemic Take Dancing Away From Your Child

Give your child access to professional live streamed masterclasses so they can do what they love from the comfort (and safety) of your home!

The Virus has already taken your child’s freedom. Don’t Let it rob them of their passion for dance too.

Just because the world is on Lockdown doesn’t mean we have to stop doing what we love. Our children need something to do at home now more than ever, and what better way is there for them to pass the time than by doing something they’re passionate about?

To help them stick with their dance practice during these crazy times, we built an online studio designed to provide them with the same world class instruction you’ve come to expect from Launch Performing Arts Centre.

Keep The Fire Burning
Don’t Let Your Child’s Love of Dance Fade Away

By being forced to stay at home, unable to connect with people who share their passion, your child may soon lose interest in their craft. Don’t let that happen. Give them the platform they need to keep dancing with people who love it as much as they do.


We’ll Bring Our Dance Studio To You.

Everything you need to get world-class dance training for your child at home. With top-notch instruction right at your fingertips, even a pandemic can’t keep you from helping your child keep doing what they love.

  • World-Class Instruction

    Give your child access to top-notch dance instruction right at the comfort (and safety) of your home.

  • Masterclasses

    Help your child develop the attributes they need—such as confidence and stage presence—to become a better dancer.

  • Pre-Recorded Tutorials

    Give your child added tutorials to learn to keep them excited about dancing and accountable for their own training.

What’s Holding You Back?
Here Are Six More Reasons to Join for Free Today

Give Your Child a Valuable Life Lesson

By encouraging them to keep practicing despite the lockdown, you’re teaching them the value of consistency early on.

Help Your Child Become More Productive

Don’t let them waste their time playing games on their gadgets. Help them direct their energy into something more productive.

Help Your Child Stay Healthy

Your child needs to stay healthy now more than ever. Regular exercise—like dancing—can help them do just that.

Get Started Today For The Low Price Of Free

Our Free Class Pass is 100% free.. What have you got to lose?

Give Your Child Access To The Best Instruction

With access to the best instructors locally, nationally and internationally, your child has everything they need to keep dancing at home right within your fingertips.

You Can Keep Your Child Social

Just because they’re stuck at home doesn’t mean they have to feel isolated. Keep them connected with their favourite instructors and peers.

Don’t Let the Pandemic Take Your Child’s Passion Away!

Give your child access to, live streamed masterclasses, pre-recorded tutorials and more so they can do what they love from the comfort (and safety) of your home!

Mini (4-6 Years)

Ignite a passion for dance, singing and performance in your child by enrolling them in one of our mini classes. These lessons are designed specifically for 4 to 6 year olds in prep and year 1. Having fun while starting their dance training journey is our top priority.

Mini classes allow your child to foster social interactions, encourage focus, introduce discipline and develop their strength and technique in a fun, active environment. Whether they will go on to tackle higher levels in the same dance style or try a few different classes to see what they like best, LAUNCH will support your child through their performing arts education.

Pre-Junior (7-8 Years)

Offering a wide range of dancing, singing and acting classes for your 7-8 year old child, LAUNCH Performing Arts on the Gold Coast offers the opportunity for serious students to hone their skills, or fun and entertaining classes for those who are keen to make friends and explore performing arts further.

Classes that cater for the more serious student provide the chance to train with industry professionals and work towards winning local, national and international competitions. Our classes for recreational students are suited to those keen to build confidence, make friends and have fun.

Junior (9-10 Years)

From jazz, tap and ballet to hip hop and musical theatre – there’s a perfect class for your 9-10 year old child.

At LAUNCH, we can help our students reach their goals. Whether it’s to develop impressive dance moves, pull off amazing acrobatic tricks, become a future vocalist or prepare for a career in the arts, we have the energy and passion to enrich your child’s development in a friendly, supportive environment.

Students work with industry professionals who will support them to do their best in each lesson.

Pre-Teen & Teen (11-12 Years)

If your pre-teen/teen child wants to have fun, stay active and grow in a friendly, structured and challenging environment, LAUNCH can help them reach their full potential.

Working with industry professionals, students learn the different performing arts skills we have on offer. They can attend one or more classes per week depending on their commitment level and ambitions.

No matter what their goals are, our dedicated staff will support them through our range of ballet, musical theatre, jazz, tap, hip-hop and acrobatics classes.

Senior (13+ Years)

LAUNCH Performing Arts Centre offers the most comprehensive range of classes for those looking to take their dancing, acting, acrobatics and singing to the next level.

Taught by industry professionals and mentored by people who have made a career in the performing arts, our classes are fun, energetic and challenging.

Our dedicated teachers will ensure you learn all the correct techniques before progressing to the next level in a rewarding environment.

There simply isn’t a better place to make friends and explore the amazing world of dance than at LAUNCH Performing Arts on the Gold Coast.

Sign Up Form – One Week Unlimited Class Pass

Finding the right dance studio for you or your child is so important, that’s why we are giving new students the chance to experience classes for an ENTIRE WEEK before committing to a full term.

To register for your unlimited week of classes, simple complete the online form ensuring to let us know which week you’d like to undertake the classes and also which classes you’d like to trial.


Online Dance Classes